Configuration Dance Theatre & School of Ballet

COVID-19 Updated Safety Protocol 

September 2022 


MASKS/FACE COVERINGS: Masks are no longer required at the studio and are optional. If students or teachers have symptoms of illness, we ask that they refrain from coming to the studio until they are tested for COVID.  If students or teachers have cold symptoms and test negative for COVID, we ask them to wear face coverings as a courtesy and precaution.  Anyone who tests positive for COVID should follow the CDC safety guidelines and protocol to prevent others from getting ill.  


ENTRANCE TO BUILDING: Students, parents, and guests can enter the building freely at this time  We are utilizing both the waiting and dressing areas for students to place their bags, coats, and shoes. 


WAITING AREAS: Parents are free to escort students into the building and sit in the waiting area if they choose.


STUDIOS: All studio equipment, including dance barres, floors, and stereo equipment, are disinfected frequently.


HAND WASHING/HAND SANITIZERS: We encourage all students to wash their hands before arriving and after class. Sanitizer is always available at the studio.


RESTROOMS/COMMON AREAS: All restrooms and common areas, including surfaces and door knobs, are disinfected regularly.