Configuration Dance Theatre & School of Ballet

COVID19 Safety Protocol for all Classes, Summer Camps, Intensives

FEbruary 2022 – updated


MASKS/FACE COVERINGS: Masks must be worn by all individuals entering the building, except for children under two years of age.  Breaks will be given to students periodically where masks will be allowed to be removed briefly while maintaining safe distances.


ENTRANCE TO BUILDING: Students can enter the building freely at this time as long as they maintain mask-wearing.  We are utilizing both the waiting and dressing areas for students to place their bags, coats and shoes.  


ATTIRE:  It is recommended that students come to the studio in their dance clothes to reduce activity in the changing areas. However, the dressing room is available for use at this time.


WAITING AREAS: Only one parent, guardian or family member should escort our youngest students into the building. Once a student has safely entered the class, the parent, guardian or family member can leave the waiting area and return to pick up their child.  Parents can also wait in the studio if needed. 


STUDIOS: Students maintain social distancing at the barre and center floor.  All studio equipment including dance barres and floors and stereo equipment will be disinfected  frequently.


HAND WASHING/HAND SANITIZERS: During all classes and camps there will be regular opportunities given for hand washing. We encourage our families with younger children to wash hands before arriving and to use sanitizer which will be available in the studio.


REST ROOMS/COMMON AREAS: All rest rooms and common areas to include surfaces and door knobs will be disinfected regularly.


EXITING THE BUILDING: Younger students (Storybook Dance, etc.) will be taken out to waiting parents, guardians, and/or family members in the studio waiting area or vestibule.  Parents should remain masked while waiting.