Ballet – Not just for the young, but also the young at heart

I am 60 years old and have never had a ballet lesson in my life. In January, I saw a Living Social offer for Barre fitness classes at CSB.  It promised to be a great way to tone and get in shape for the new year.  The price was right, I was getting bored with my training at the gym, and I thought why not try something new.  I had no idea it would bring so much joy to my life. The Barre classes, which require no dance experience, are all that was promised and more.  Every part of your body will be exercised and toned by the end of the hour.  You work at your own level with friendly, fun and knowledgeable instructors.  Best of all, you leave feeling energized and looking forward to your next visit.  I had so much fun that I decided wanted to learn more, so I tried the EveryBody Ballet class.  The first few classes were crazy and everyone laughed as I tried to learn the basics and make sense of the movements that were so foreign to my body.  The instructors were patient and gave me steps to practice which were at my level while others progressed with their “much more graceful and skilled” dancing.  I laughed and danced and before long I knew I had discovered a new passion. Ballet feeds your mind, your body, and your soul. It takes away the stress of the day and makes you feel young at heart. It has inspired me to reach for new goals, made me believe in myself and restored  my self-confidence.  I am so glad I took a chance and tried something new.  It has made a wonderful difference in my life.
– Ann Lentsch

I never had much training in ballet. I knew I needed to become a stronger ballet dancer because all college auditions started with ballet. Taking classes at Configuration with Joe Cipolla helped in so many ways. The positive environment was excellent for learning as well as being challenged. There was never a time when I felt inferior to ask a question or needed a variation broken down. I grew as a dancer; not only with my technique but also with my posture and the way I carry myself in a classroom setting. From the classes I took with Joe, I felt more than prepared for my auditions. I would highly recommend Configuration School of Ballet!
– Brian Murray Jr.

Dancing at Configuration Studio has been an uplifting experience. Since I have an extensive Martial Arts background, I was looking for a teacher/studio who could work with me on meeting some of my personal goals in the dance arena. After looking at several places, I found Ballet Buffalo and I have found myself excited and motivated to be there. The instruction is outstanding. As an adult starting ballet, it’s important to have that detailed and professional instruction. Joe Cipolla is all that and more. He has a high standard and, more importantly, knows how to help a dancer to find that standard. He is patient but firm, and exceptional at explaining the techniques and their corrections in creative and motivational ways. Kolleen Fischer is bouyant and energetic, and really motivates students to find their best. I feel welcomed at Configuration, and even more than that, I feel that the Instructors believe in my ability to succeed. This has really touched my heart and I have found that the discipline and self expression of ballet, combined with these great instructors, has supplemented my other training in an absolutely fantastic way. Whether someone wants to do ballet for fitness, discipline, or as a career, I would recommend they train at Configuration!
– Erin Markle

Since dancing at Configuration School of Ballet, I have developed even more as a dancer. After dancing for twelve years I thought I couldn’t learn anything more, but the inspiring work and wonderful teaching of Joe Cipolla and Kolleen Fischer has brought me to a new level of appreciation for dance. The instruction gave me a chance to broaden my horizons and perspective for my future, a future that hopefully will include continuing to grow and learn in the way Configuration has encouraged me.
– Lily Friedman 16 years old, Configuration School of Ballet student 

After seeing Configuration Dance Theatre perform on several occasions last year, my 5 year old asked to take ballet. This is her 2nd year learning ballet from Miss Kolleen and she absolutely loves her! Now 6 years old and moving up from Storybook Dance and Pre-ballet into Ballet I, my daughter is an enthusiastic little ballerina-in-the making! As a parent and an art teacher, I couldn’t be more impressed with the teaching style at Configuration School of Ballet.  Classes are well organized, lively and fun. Miss Kolleen is a gifted ballet instructor who is able to engage the children on their level keeping them focused and learning and smiling.
– Lisa Mihelbergel